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Dogs fortunate enough to be rescued from a dog pound, animal shelter or rescue group are the luckiest dogs…. especially when they are trained and rehabilitated.

Taking the dog or puppy from the facility is ‘saving’ the dog. Helping him or her become a happy, healthy and well-adjusted dog is when the real ‘rescuing’ occurs.

It is a wonderful rewarding process to see these great little ‘dogs with a checkered past’ transform with each session.

The training goals are similar to dogs and puppies with a slower pace and more time spent on catching up on missed socialization and counter-conditioning of fears and nervous behaviors.

Rescue Dog Rehabilitation also includes:

  • Proper socialization and counter conditioning to: children, all types of people, small dogs, big dogs, noises, cars, trucks, roller blades, skateboards, cross walks, parks and all things that a dog would experience in the course of their lifetime.
  • HEEL / Walk on a loose leash
  • SIT
  • SIT / STAY
  • DOWN
  • COME (when called around people, cars, and other dogs, etc)
  • PLACE (go to a location like a mat or bed and stay there until released. This command is borrowed from advanced Protection Dog Training but works wonders with pet dogs and prevents the chaos, jumping and barking at guests as they enter your house)
  • Rescue dogs often blossom during this program and may even be eligible to continue on to Special Projects such as:
  • Preparation for the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Test
  • Assistance in getting your dog certified as a Therapy Dog (free plane trips and can accompany you almost anywhere!)
  • Basic Scent Dog Tracking and Training
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