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“Dave has been helping us train our vizsla pup for just over a month, but the difference even at this early stage is apparent. Our friends comment that they can see  huge improvements already as we’ve been learning how to manage the energy level of our high-engery-level dog. She’s already  better-behaved, and we are already learning so many ways to set our dog up for success. 

My wife and I had taken a puppy class through the Humane Society (which was very helpful), but we really needed a more focused approach. Dave has not only helped us deal with the specific needs of the breed of our dog, but with her specific personality. 

Dave is super-friendly, patient, disciplined, patient, knowledgeable, patient, has a great instinct for interacting with dogs, and is patient. He’s also patient. 

Seriously, though. He’s really making our lives better by helping our dog become a better pup. And based on how many people wave at him every time we walk through the neighborhood, I’m not the first or last one to get amazing results. 

Go with Dave. He’ll meet you where you’re at and take you and your dog to where you want to be.”

– Chad M., Designer

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