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“I decided I wanted to have a dog, so I read books about them,etc. Wow! was I in for a surprise when we got Lilo a 3 Month old Chocolate Lab. The books never mentioned her endless energy! I bought her all of the chew toys I could find so whe wouldn’t destroy  things in the house..wrong!

After a rug was detstroyed, 3 bath mats, and a love seat missing pieces and even a small nip on my lip, I hired (Dogs with) Dave as our Dog Trainer. I knew he was the right one from the all of the free information he gave me in the first call (about 45minutes). I remember asking him, “Can Lilo start tomorrow??”

What a difference even after the first day he spent training Lilo! Dave even showed me how to safely stop her jumping when we return home. She was calm. It brought tears to my eyes. I asked for and worked on a little  ‘homework’ or ‘funwork’ Dave gave us after each session. The time was worth it.

I used to be afraid to take her out to the dog park for fear she would run away. No problem any more!  After Dave’s help, when she sees other dogs or even squirrels I can say ‘stay’ and  she controls herself.

Dave has made me feel better about myself and I am confident when giving her commands. She listens now to the ‘leave it’ command and when I tell her so she won’t even take, eat or look at the item! She goes where I tell her too and I can even open the front gate and she doesn’t go crazy anymore.

Dave is an amazing trainer and it is apparent that he really loves what he does …and does it best. He brings owner and dog closer together and I love it.

Thanks Dave for everything.  …and thank you for responding to all of  our emails at all times and days of the week!”

Rebecca C. , Manager

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